Day Seven, Train Day!

I decided to get going early for Train day, but not to early. I wanted to avoid the crowds. I packed my bag and got ready to go. No lunch today, since I knew I was meeting Tasha for lunch downtown. My bag was lovely and light. This is important later on.

I grabbed the yellow line, near my hotel, and rode it to the very end. Here are some train pictures for you Trent.



I then grabbed the street car to go to the Tram. A lovely young gentleman on the car showed me the stop and the way to the Tram.


There it is, coming in to park. And I’m going to get into that thing. Really, I did. One thing I got a kick out of, was the Bike Valet Parking.


So, up the tram I went. Lovely views. If you look closely at the skyline, you can see Mt. St. Helens. 


Look close, you can see the mountain there.Image

See way down there, that’s where I’m going! EEEK!Image

Pretty view and you can see me too! (hey, I’m a poet)



I then headed back into town and to Pioneer Square. I got my crack in a cup (Iced Chai Latte) and a lovely orange cranberry scone and sat in the shade and relaxed. I then went and found a spot to people watch. I spun and watched for about an hour. It was interested and relaxing and fun. 

Tasha called, looking for me. We met up and then watched the Weather Machine, which she had never seen, even though she lives there! We then walked over to her work and got lunch at the carts right outside. I got a grilled cheese sandwich. Anyone surprised? Anyone? She took me into her office and we had lunch and I met her co-workers. Marshall, her cube-mate, was fascinated by my spinning. He crochets and is cool. I said good-bye to Tasha and walked to Powell’s books, about 10 blocks or so away.

I don’t know if I can find words to describe Powell’s Books. Wow, awesome, fantastic. These words do not do it justice. I wandered and looked. They had 3 shelves of spinning books! Three!!! And lots and lots of tea books. Floors of books. 


One small look of one small floor. Here is my haul today.


The blue bag I won at Pioneer Square. It’s a banner bag, made from  the banners hung around the square. A lovely way to recycle and, um, Free! I also won that CD, which is filled with songs from local artists. 

While at the bookstore, I had a pretty bad asthma attack. People crowded around and I kind of freaked out. I got my inhaler in me and started to breathe and got out of there. Fortunately, Pearl Fiber Arts and Cindy were not far away. I needed somewhere where I could sit and be quiet and feel safe. Thank heavens for Cindy! I calmed down and was able to continue on. 

I made my way to the City center via street car and Max and then got on the Green line for a long ride. I took it all the way out to Clakamas (love saying that name!). I sat and spun and watched. People and the views. It was relaxing and fun. 

Instead of coming all the way back in to get onto the yellow line to back to the hotel, I transferred at the Rose Quarter. Rode back and trudged back to the hotel. This is where all those books come into play. Egads! My backpack had gotten quite heavy by then and I was exhausted by the time I got back to the hotel room. I laid down “for a few minutes” at about 5:30 pm. I woke up briefly at 11, took my pills and went back to bed. I slept till about 4:30 this morning. I must have been really tired!

Today is my last day in Portland. I’m going to the Saturday Market and am meeting an old friend. I’m glad it’s my last day. I’m getting homesick. Tomorrow, I drive home. Straight through. 



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  1. Swan

    sleep good tonight and don’t push it to hard tomorrow.


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