Day Eight, Meeting an old friend for the first time.

I know, how can she be an old friend if I’ve never met her? I’ll explain later.

Today, I was going to the Saturday Market. I was told I could not leave Portland until I’d attended. So, since I want to leave Portland (I am really ready to go home), I went this morning! It was fun. Great place for more people watching. I’ve decided that the Hipsters roam in packs. It was packed today. I spun most of the time, mainly as a way to get people to give me my space. There was one man, though, who really didn’t care. He took one look at me and rammed into me hard on my left shoulder. His hand also went to my butt. No luck, dude, I’m not that stupid. Cash was not in my back pocket, but nice try. 



Story time! I met Susan when Sam was 9, so 13 years ago. I was homeschooling my children and I met her in the AOL chatrooms for homeschoolers. Homeschooling your children is not for the faint of heart. There were days I didn’t think I was going to make it. There were days I didn’t think my children were going to make it (out alive, that is). Susan got me through it. She is an incredible person and if you look back in the archives of my blog, you’ll find a post telling you how I feel about her. Anyway, here are the two of us.


We have never met until today. But she knows my kids. I know hers. We’ve shared a lot. She’s a great friend. 

The market was great. Lots of things to look at. I did love this lady and her puppets.


I didn’t buy much, but here’s my haul. A lovely little bowl, a little ceramic flute and a cat toy. Now, you ask, why a cat toy? I don’t have a cat. Ah, but Bob has two. I can’t get Bob anything, for reasons he knows, so instead, I’m going to spoil Mr. Whiskers and Gary. 


Tomorrow I’m going to start back early. My goal is to be in my car driving by 7am. I’m going to grab the Historic 30 on the way out for a little detour and try for Multnomah (Mahnahmanah) Falls. Hopefully, that early it will be much less crowded. I’m going to go back by way of Boise. I’d like to be home by 10pm tomorrow. I will not be posting until Monday, though, so don’t hold your breath!


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