Day Six of the Epic Adventure

I am an early riser. Everyone knows this about me. A morning person…One of THOSE people. I’ve been waking up between 4 and 5 am each morning, which is between 5 and 6 am Utah time, so I’ve not been to worried about it. It’s a good time to wake up in Utah. Thursday morning, I was up and decided to get up and check Facebook and the like. I then decided to lay back down for a bit and woke up at 7:30 am. I just don’t do that! It felt good, though, I must say. I must really be getting comfortable.

So, I got a late start. I didn’t get on the train until close to 10am. I took a quick break at Pioneer Square for an Ice Chai Latte (crack in a cup) and a view.


I saw this sign when I got off the train. I love the whimsy of it all.


I made my way to the Japanese gardens by way of two trains and one bus. The bus driver, who I’ll tell you more about later, was a hoot!

The gardens were incredible. I’m just going to share the following pictures without much comment.


I sat in this little spot for a while, spinning. I tried to capture the sound of the running water, but unfortunately, people would just not be quiet.

I met three lovely ladies who asked me about my spinning, then asked me to take their picture. I asked them to take mine, so I had proof that it really is me here, and not someone else.


See, me!

I continued to walk through the garden, which was really incredible. I would have enjoyed it more if there hadn’t been a group of older adults going through who felt the need to be loud and obnoxious. They weren’t there to enjoy the garden, but to share a story that involved them all yelling “Perfect” at the top of their longs many times. Very, very rude. I finally got away from them by going very deep into the park and hiding for a bit. I took time at many of these spots to spin and reflect.



From the Japanese Garden I walked across the street and followed my nose to the International Rose Test Garden. I sat by the yellow roses and ate my lunch. The view was gorgeous, but the smell was incredible.

Some of my favorites follow.


You’ll notice not a red rose in the bunch. I really do not like red roses. I couldn’t tell you why, but I don’t. Yellow and pink are lovely, though.

I got back on the 83 bus, with the same bus driver. Old friends. I rode the entire loop, because it was just lovely, back to the Oregon Zoo. Bus driver was pointing things out and I was asking him questions about driving. I then asked him if he felt like he was just going around in circle, to which I got a 10 minute rant on his life as a driver. (funny, not crazy). A ride and a show!

From there, I headed back downtown. I rode the train from the Robertson Tunnel, under the Oregon Zoo. Seriously, it is under it! I love tunnels. I wonder if I really am a Hobbit?

I made my way back, eventually, to my hotel room to freshen up and repack my bag. I then drove Daisy over to the train station (because I was not going to walk under those to bridges at night, thank you very much. Mama didn’t raise no fool) and took the train back into town. I got off at Union Station and walked 6 blocks into the Pearl District, looking for Pearl Fiber Arts.

Found it!


Oh my, but it is a lovely store. I should tell you, though, that if you see this lady in there, you should protect your wallet. She is a fiber pusher, enabler and fanatic all in one!


I had a ball last night. It was nice to be able to talk out loud about my politics and not fear for my life. To be around people who understood my fiber obsession.

Duffy (crazy lady above) snuck this lovely hank of yarn into my bag.Image

This picture does not do the color justice. It is so, so lovely.

Of course, I couldn’t leave without buying some spinning fiber. The brown is an alpaca/milk fiber blend. Locally sourced, of course. The cream is hemp! I’ve never spun hemp before, so I thought I’d give it a try.


Duffy insisted on giving me a ride back to my car. She said that the Max can get “strange” at night. After being in this city for a few days, wandering around, I wonder how much stranger it could get. But, one should listen to the locals when traveling. After the ride she gave me, I begin to wonder if I wouldn’t have been safer on the Max! She is nuts! But my kind of nuts. And egads, she has the most contagious laugh I have ever heard. I was in hysterics for most the ride.

Seepagers, if you come to Portland, you must visit Pearl Fiber Arts and you must meet Duffy!

I got back to the hotel about 9, but I was really exhausted, which is why this is being posted today, instead of last night. I wouldn’t have done this post justice if I’d tried to write it last night.

Today is train day! I’m going to ride the train, the street cars, the tram. I’m going to make it to the Powell Books on Burnside (now that I understand the city a bit more). I’ve been told I need to be a Pioneer square just before noon. It’s going to be a fun, fun day.


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  1. Swan

    You are havine far to much fun out there. Bubba says you have to come home soon, so you don’t forget him and try to stay out there.


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