Libi’s Excellent Portland Adventure, Day 5

Today I decided to try out Portland’s Public Transportation. I’m within .5 miles of a Max Station (the Yellow line). It was a bit rainy when I started out, but it never really poured today. Just a drizzle here and there. 

I’d downloaded the TriMet app and purchased my ticket, which lived on my phone. I walked over to the station and waited. It didn’t take very long. I got on the train and ended up sitting next to a lovely young lady who complimented my hair (I have it braided from the side and in a bun). I chatted with her until I was supposed to get off. At least, I thought when I was supposed to get off. I was trying to get to the Powell’s on Burnside, but egads, did I get lost.

I ended up doing a lot of walking today. Here are some things I saw along the way.


Oh yeah, I’m in Portland! 

I met a man walking three dogs. 2 pit bulls (lovely and very well behaved) and a great dane. The dane let me know that he needed his ears scratched. The fun part? I didn’t have to lean down. He was so large, he was face level with me. Then a kitty walked by and I was amazed that the dogs didn’t go nuts. That is, until I learned that he was walking 3 dogs and 1 cat. Made me smile.

I’m not even going to try and explain the next picture. So many things are running through my brain, but I’m trying to be good, as this is a family blog.


I ended up on Hawthorne, at the Powell’s there. I sat and had an iced chai while I charged my phone and relaxed. I pulled out my spinning and relaxed. No one even batted an eye. I wandered around a bit, and then decided to head into town. I walked out the door and saw this.


I can’t comment on the veracity of the statement, but do enjoy the sentiment. 

I got on a bus and went into Portland downtown easily enough. I found Waterfront Park and sat and ate lunch. Again, I packed my lunch, rather than buy. 


There was a school group there. When they left, I was completely surprised at how clean they left the scene. 

I then set out for to find Mill End’s Park. There is construction going on, so it’s looking a bit sad at the moment.


I decided to make my way back to the hotel. I said earlier that I downloaded the TriMet app. It’s a good app. Great for trip planning, but it doesn’t save your information. If you move away from the app, you have to put it all back in again. So, I learned pretty fast to figure out my trip and write it all down! I already have my trip planned for tomorrow and written into my little notebook.

On the train back I met a lovely lady who was crocheting. We talked about my spinning, about her crochet, about things to do and how to get around in the city. I invited her to the knit night I’m going to tomorrow night at Pearl Fiber Arts

Tomorrow I’m going to do public transit to the Japanese Gardens and the Rose Test Gardens in Washington Park. I may go back downtown afterwards. I haven’t decided if I’m going to do public transport to go to the knit night or drive.

Stay tuned!


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