Day three of the Epic Portland Adventure

First, it must be noted that I’m sleeping well. Usually, when I’m all alone, I don’t sleep well. I’m just not comfortable. But I am sleeping well. I’m feeling great, being alone. It’s amazing.

I finally made it down to breakfast at about 7:30am. Great breakfast lay out here. Not just waffles and cereal, they’ve got lots of options. I’m really pleased.

I decided to leave about 9am. I was going to go to the store, to pick up lunches and dinner stuff, for when I’m not eating out. Put the key in the ignition and nothing. Car would not start. I was about to freak out when I realized that that would help nothing. I got out, opened my hood and then walked into the lobby of the hotel. I asked, calmly, if they had anyone I could call for help. The front desk staff was great. They found someone for me (a staff member) and found the jumper cables and gave my car a jump. So, when I say that Best Western gave me a jump, you’ll understand what I mean. 🙂 I made a bee line for O’Reilly, where I’d purchased my battery just last November. The gentleman there came out to check it and discovered the problem immediately. My positive terminal was not very well attached. He tightened it up and suggested that when I got home I change it.

I then made my way to the Lan Su Chinese Gardens. Absolutely gorgeous. I had my drop spindle with me and decided to find a secluded spot to spin in for a while, to help me find my peace again.


The panels are carvings of the sister garden in China. There was a family with a lovely little girl, about one, that came in a bit later. I had to keep hiding my hand spindle because they were trying to get pictures of her and she was all about my spinning. What a gorgeous smile she had.



And to prove I did have my spinning with me, here is my spindle with some angora/wool blend I’ve been working on.


After I’d centered myself, I started to wander the gardens. I walked into this room, where a peony exhibit was taking place. I cannot even begin to describe the glorious scent that greeted me here, but I can show you a few of the blooms.



There were these really cool rocks, from China, spread through-out the garden.


They are amazing. I took a break and went to the tea house. I ordered Jing Mai Cha (tea), dumplings and Mooncakes with red bean paste (really yummy!)


This the view from where I sat in the tea house.


I tried to go to Mill Ends Park, but could not get there because of some festival that was going on. So, I then set out for the Portland Japanese Garden. I got there, but my car started to overheat with all the stop and start traffic. I pulled over, let it cool down a bit, then tried to drive it with the heater on (cooled it right down). I’m not entirely sure what’s going on, because the car is fine when I’m driving full out. It only happens with start and stop traffic. I’ll have to have it looked at when I get home, but I think I can manage it here.

So, instead of going to the gardens, I came back to the hotel room to let Daisy rest (that’s my car, yes I named it, is anyone surprised?)

I ended up finishing the fiber on that spindle and getting it wound off. Then Tasha contacted me and we went out to dinner at BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse. It’s my first experience at any brewhouse. I was overwhelmed. I couldn’t decide what to try until the nice young server said they have a “try four” option. So I did!


All four were ok, but I really liked the Irish Red and the German kolsch.

These are called Growlers. I’m supposed to drink them within 24 hours. Um, yeah.




GE DIGITAL CAMERATasha and her new beau. He’s a sweet guy, and boy did he get introduced to me quickly. Because, um, yeah, I’m not known for filters after I’ve been drinking. And after that beer, plus a shot of Fireball, I was gone. Just gone.

They brought me back to the room and I’m sitting here, staying sober enough to get this posted, but then I’m going to do my best to drink this beer before it goes to waste. Because that would be wrong. Just very, very, very wrong.





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  1. Tasha

    They said to drink within the next 3-4 days. You have time unless you already finished it! 🙂 Love you E!


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