Day two of Libi’s Most Excellent Portland Adventure

Day two means I finally am in Portland. Before I left, though, I once again found a puppy who needed his ears scratched properly. I don’t know what it is about pet owners?!? Don’t they know how to scratch ears? I mean, these poor puppies and kitties tell me that their owners don’t know how to and I just feel so sorry for them that I have to stop and give them a good skritch!

It was a fairly uneventful drive. Just outside of Boise, I started crossing and recrossing the Snake River. Beautiful valleys. Then a bunch of really dry land. But, then I entered Oregon and started going more northwest. I caught site of the Blue Mountains and it amazed me. They really do look blue. And gorgeous. I made a quick pit stop in Baker Valley, which used to be known as One Tree Valley, ie, it had one tree in it and that’s how the settlers knew where they were. That is, until a vandal cut the tree down. It’s not just modern times that’s plagued by vandals, it seems.

I loved the drive through the Blue Mountains. Lots of curves, lots of turns. Lots of fun. The forests were really thick and I was truly disappointed that Bigfoot didn’t come out and wave to me. I mean, I’m a visitor here, he really should have, you know!

My next stop was to McNary Dam, which I had to stop at because my cube-mate Karen told me I had to!

I first went to the Fish Room, which has observation windows of the steps used by the fish to go up stream. Really didn’t see many fish. They just weren’t running. Had a lovely talk with a gentleman there who said they were running last weekend. Of course. (Yes, Mom, I talked to a stranger.)

I then went to the visitor’s center and that was interesting. You can go up to the fourth floor and go outside and see the fishie water slide. Image

Do you see that white pipe up there? That’s the fishie water slide. They are sucked up from the other side of the dam, before they reach the turbine (eek!), sucked into this pipe and they slide from the dam to the center. Some of them are diverted to be studied, but then all of them end back up into this tube, which then loads them onto the fishie cruise ship for their trip downstream. 

This is what they’re avoiding. I don’t blame them.


The fishie cruise ship takes them through several more dams downstream and off to play in the ocean. When they come back, there is no cruise ship. They have to swim upstream, including up all the fishie steps at each dam. It seems only the young get the fun (water slides, cruise ships), the older have to work like dogs and then die after making babies. I’m sure there’s a metaphor concerning childhood and adulthood in there somewhere.

While driving along the Columbia River, I saw so many of these things.


It seems, to me, a good use of space that’s not really useful for anything else.

A few more shots of this awesome river.


I was going to hike Multnomah Falls, but I think everyone was there. I mean, everyone. I discovered Daisy (that’s my car) doesn’t like the stop and start. She started to overheat, but we talked about it and she calmed down. I drove by and just came straight into Portland. It was a lovely drive and I may try on another day that’s not a weekend or holiday. 

Checked in and unpacked. My room is quite nice and the chair? The chair is perfect for use with my spinning wheel! Did they know that about me when I booked the room? 


Plans tomorrow are to visit the Japanese Gardens, Oriental Gardens and meet up with Tasha. 


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  1. Swan

    Sounds like you are really having fun. Bring me back a keychain, so I can add it to the places I have never been collection. How nice it would be to take a vacation before I retire.


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