Some of my favorite things

Just a list to share. Not that anyone reads this thing. 🙂

Daisies. Love all daisies, but white daisies are the best. They are happy. They are sunshine. They make me smile.

Chocolate. Dark chocolate is the best. Dark chocolate with orange is even better.

Giggling. I love to laugh. Good, deep belly laughs. The kind that make you want to cry because you’re laughing so hard.

Puppy snuggles. I love puppy snuggles. Especially new puppies. The way they snuggle into your neck, looking for that warmth and love.

Snuggles.  A lovely long snuggle with someone I feel safe with. Oh do I love that.

Green. The color green makes me happy. It’s life. It’s spring. It’s living.

Being thought about. This one, I know, doesn’t make much sense, but to me, to know that someone thought about me when I wasn’t around makes me happy. A quick message just to say hi. A little something (like a flower or a tchotchke that says you thought of me just means so much.

The name George. I can’t explain this one, but I love the name George. No reason, just love it.


There are many, many other things that make me happy, far to numerous to list. A new book, a happy song, a real smile (the kind that reach your eyes). I could go on and on.


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