Tap, Tap, Tap…is this thing on?

Hello blog world. Not that anyone is reading this, but I thought I’d start posting about my journey. Last June, I started exercising. For real. My blood pressure had gotten too high and I didn’t like how out of shape I was. I want to hike. I want to bike. I want to play. When I have grandkids, I want to be that grandma that can keep up with them and have a ball doing it. 
So, I started to exercise. And to eat healthier. I don’t diet. I won’t diet. Diets don’t work. You crash diet and then gain it all back again (been there, done that). I make goals. One at a time. The goals (usually adding or subtracting something from my eating) become habits and then I go on to the next. 
Last year, I gave up all soda. No carbonation. They’re just empty calories anyway and what I eat needs to fuel me and my exercise. After a year, I will do some soda, mainly Fresca, but I don’t do much. I can’t stand Diet Coke anymore and can’t really figure out how I drank it in the first place!
This year I’m cutting back on refined sugar. I’m not going no sugar. I’m not cutting out carbs. Just refined sugar. My sweets are sweetened with honey or agave or fruit. Love fruit. Strawberries are a wonderful dessert or treat. 
For my exercise, I’m swimming now. I’m only in the gym three times a week, but I’m there for 90 minutes or longer. Today, I swam a mile, besides doing water aerobics class. In the water for 2 hours 15 minutes, in fact. I’m exhausted but pretty damn proud of myself. 
My goal is to get healthy. My blood pressure has already come down from high to high normal. My goal is to have it back in the normal range. With no medications. Losing weight, losing inches, those are just perks of what I’m doing. 
I’ll try to up date this at least weekly on how I’m doing and what I’m discovering. 

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