My obsessions/hobbies

I know I’m not very good about writing on this thing, but there’s been a challenge put out there to write weekly. I missed a couple of weeks due to a bout with flu and then a cold, but I’m getting better (ahh, don’t be such a sissy…sorry, couldn’t resist the MP moment there).

My hobbies? I knit, crochet, spin my own yarn on the two wheels I own.Image

There’s one of them. That’s my Kromski Sonata, which I’ve named Hannah. Yes, I named my wheel. I love that wheel. She is so easy to spin on. So relaxing to work on. Plus I get a lovely end product. 

I also love to knit. This is my latest work.

ImageThis shawl is also from handspun yarn, but not my own, from SeeJayneKnit of Etsy (go check her out!).

I crochet, but don’t have a picture of any recent work. I’m not as big a fan, but that could have something to do with my hands, as they get tired much more quickly crocheting than they do knitting.

I also love Tea. That’s not a hobby, I know, but it’s an obsession. I can’t seem to quit buying and trying teas. Someday, maybe. But not today!

Not much for writing, but it’s a start, yes?


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