A Dream come true

I’ve never had a dream come true before. I’ve had fabulous things happen for me (see Samantha and Patrick as fabulous things), but I’ve never actually had a dream come true.

When I had just graduated high school, I really wanted to go to college. There was no way. My parents made too much money for me to get Pell grants, but they didn’t make enough to help me pay for college. I tried it on my own, paying my way, but I ended up getting a job in SLC and school was down here at UVSC. This was before online classes or even before the internet, and with traffic, night school was out of the question.

Then I got married. So, no school for me. My husband died a few years later and I had a little one to take care of. She took priority and I do not resent that in the least. I was a mom first and foremost and I am grateful I was able to be there for so much of her childhood. Going to school would have pulled me a way a lot and that’s not what a child needs. Patrick came along and just cemented my resolve to be a mom first.

3 years ago, with Samantha a junior and Patrick still homeschooling, and with their support and approval, I started back to college. I started at UVU, but soon came to realize that it would take me a very long time to get my degree in Accounting because they are not set up to handle non-traditional students. I soon switched to Stevens-Henager College.

When I started college, I discovered that I was a good student. Better than when I was in high school, as a matter of fact. I got A’s fairly easily. So, I decided on the goal of graduating with a 4.0. Lofty goal, I know, but one I felt I could work towards.

Now, it’s three years later. I took my final yesterday for my final class. I got my grades back today on my final paper. I got an A in the class. I’ve gotten an A in every class.

My official graduation date is Friday, March 9th, but, ladies and gentlemen, I am the proud owner of a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, graduating with a 4.0.

I’ve had a dream come true. I’ve worked damn hard to do it, but it has come true. I could NOT have done it without the support my two children, their willingness to not have a mom around as much. Without my sister, doing all the housework and the bulk of cooking. Without my mom, my cheerleader. Every time she told me how proud she was, she was lifting me up. I had no no-sayers. Everyone in my family has been incredibly awesome about this. I don’t know how I can thank them enough.

So, I guess I’m saying that dreams can come true. Sometimes, you can work hard enough for it to happen.




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3 responses to “A Dream come true

  1. Congratulations! That is an amazing achievement, and you deserve to be proud of yourself.


  2. Tenise

    I am here from Ravelry. You may remember me from BID. I am so INCREDIBLY proud of you! “Big Hugs.”


  3. This is nothing short of AWEsome!! YOU are a great example of how one can keep their eye on a goal, never give up…and then reach that star!

    YOU deserve a standing ovation!



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