3 posts in a month, Ami will faint!

Not much to report. I’m in my last week at my old job. Desperately trying to get all the cheat sheets done, along with everything else I do, so they can at least try and go on. I’m not sure 2 weeks is enough time to write out instructions for everything I do, but I’m trying.

My son made a very astute observation the other day. He said “it’s going to be rough on you, at first, your new job”. He’s right. I’ve not worked full-time in many, many years. It is going to be rough. But I reminded him that I will get used to it. It’s going to be challenging, but at the same time, a relief. A job I enjoy where I don’t have to stress so much. Less stress is going to be a wonderful thing, plus the fact that I’m paid more, get benefits and work with some great people.

I was invited to the company picnic last week. I’ve come to the conclusion that these people are insane. They had a dunk tank and had drawn lots on who got to go in. That’s not what’s insane. What’s insane is the intensity with which the people throwing were trying to dunk those in the tank. Scary! I asked Mary, my new supervisor, if this was some sort of anger-management…

I got an A in Stats. I’m shocked, frankly.


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