Look, twice in one year!

I’m updating twice in one year. Can you handle it?

On the reading front: I’m not reading the classics so much. Grimm’s was a bad idea as a first book. I am reading like mad lately. I re-started, for the 33rd time, The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. I always read them around my birthday. I think, every year, naw, I don’t need to read them, but then I just get a hankering for them and have to read them. It amazes me that I find something new every time.

Lent starts today. This year, I’m taking a vow of listening. This is not in the monastic sense (obedience, yeah, could you imagine that?), but in a talk less, listen more sense. I’ll try and update you on how that’s going.

School is still going well. I’m in my last accounting classes. I have a few little classes (database, software accounting), but mainly, after this, I have generals left for the next year. I’m still aiming for graduating summa cum laude. We’ll see.


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