An update

I’ve been reading, dear readers. I’ve not been reading classics, though. I’ve been reading fluff. Life has been especially crazy lately with my church’s 120th anniversary (and what with me being in charge of said anniversary) that I needed an escape. I’ve finished 3 books in the last 1.5 months, though.

School is still going along. I’m almost finished with my degree specific courses. My last accounting classes are next month. I’ll have almost a year of generals. I still have a 4.0. I don’t know how, other than I’ve had some awesome teachers who helped me a lot when I was recovering from surgery.

We are currently looking for a house to buy. Who knew that buying a house was so hard? We are pre-approved. We’ve put in full-price offers, yet we still haven’t been accepted yet. I’d really like to find a house that will work here in Orem, as Patrick is in school and doing well and I don’t want to move him. My job is here in Orem, Sami’s job is here in Orem and Sami and I are going to school here in Orem. If you pray, do so for us please. Good thoughts and well wishes are also appreciated it.

On the getting healthier front, I’m still losing weight. Despite it all. I really enjoy using SparkPeople to track my eating and exercise. If you sign up, please credit me. My user name is Libilou.


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