2011 Challenge

I’ve joined a challenge for 2011. I’m going to read 12 books on my e-reader, which is Nook. My lovely daughter bought it for me for my last birthday. I love the thing. It is always with me. I have about 190-200 books (haven’t counted lately) on it. So, I should be able to find 12 to read.

I’ll post the books as I read them on here and review them.


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3 responses to “2011 Challenge

  1. Ami


    You posted? On your blog???

    Happy New Year.



  2. Thanks for joining the challenge! Have fun!


  3. Libi, I just got a Kindle and thought I may hate it over reading a real book. The arthritis in my neck makes it nearly impossible to read a book heavier than a pound. Well I LOVE the Kindle! It did not take me any time at all to get used to it.

    Nice to “see” you again, even if only on your blog!


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