A field trip to an alpaca farm

Today, the kids and I went to Crooked Fence Alpaca Farm & Mills.  First we visited the mill in Payson.  Linda was incredibly gracious in giving us a tour. She also had the most lovely rovings.  This is what I brought home.

Afterwards, Linda let us follow her home and she showed us around her farm.  First we met the pregnant ladies and the new mommies.  This little guy was born just this morning.

Then we went along the other pens.  Linda has quite a few alpacas, plus those that are boarded there.  Next we met Sunshine.  Oh my, we all fell in love.

I do not remember all the other’s names.  But I’m going to share a few more pictures we took of lovely, lovely alpacas.

This is Vinny.  He’s a stud and he knows it.

It is really nice to have a fiber supplier right here in Utah county.  I know of no other.  You really need to check her out.


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2 responses to “A field trip to an alpaca farm

  1. Susan

    Looks like you had a great time! And all that fiber. Yum, yum!!


  2. How exciting! Your photos really made me smile, too. Nothing much cuter than Alpaca babies (cria?). That is definitely worth the drive, even from Park City! Thanks for sharing- Anne


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