PETA Makes me sick

I have always been sickened by PETA and their actions, but this latest makes me want to puke.  They have a new AD campaign.  Check out Fashionista to see it.  WARNING! There is foul language on that blog.  If that bothers you, don’t go there!

What truly sickens me is how hypocritical PETA is.  They talk about the ethical treatment of animals, but they take thousands of animals out of no-kill shelters each year and kill them!  How can you about the ethical treatment of animals and kill them?  Animals that are adoptable and will go to good homes where they are loved.

If you are as disgusted by this as I am, feel free to go to PETA and tell them.  Fashionista gives some other ideas for leaving “constructive” feedback for PETA.


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3 responses to “PETA Makes me sick

  1. ooh lookee a comment!

    PETA are mad, they do not care about animals at all, it’s more about attacking people.


  2. That’s truly horrifying. I wish it were more shocking, but considering how little respect they seem to have for women…

    I saw your comment on HuffPo on “Are labouring women people” story. I really liked what you had to say!


  3. Generally I’ve been pretty indifferent about PETA, but these two articles really offend me! As a woman of more than average size, HOW DARE a group that is supposed to be about morals and ethics make an ad that is so obviously discriminatory? And PETA killing animals – ironic, don’t you think?


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