Yes, I know, be quiet Ami, I’m busy!

Yes, I know it’s been a long, long, long time since I’ve posted, but I’ve been a bit busy. School keeps me very busy and on my toes.

So far, I’ve taken 4 classes, and am in my 5th. All A’s so far….yeah. May not be so this class. I can’t stand the teacher. He doesn’t like me either. He’s one of those that he doesn’t want discussion, he wants agreement. I don’t agree with him, so he constantly talks over me, won’t let me finish a sentence and has to prove me wrong. And I’m not the only one. Any woman who speaks in class, he does this to. Men, they’re ok, they can talk.

He can’t spell, his grammar is horrendous and taking a test he’s posted online is a nightmare. They are supposed to be right from the book, but it takes a while to figure out what the question really is. And I’m pretty sure he’s made mistakes on his answer keys too.

He doesn’t teach, he just reads from his slides, which are also full of spelling and grammar errors. This from a teacher. The only saving grace is the group project. I love my group. Great bunch of women to work with, we all like each other and we have a rockin project. He won’t care, though. It was done by women (we’re the only all woman group), so I’m sure we’ll all fail.

One of my group mates had her baby in the ER on the night of one of the tests. She tried for 3 days to call the teacher so she could get the test. He won’t return phone calls and he won’t let her make the test up. Tough, he says. Though, he’s always late to class, he marks anyone who comes in after him as late.

Can you tell I don’t like him? And that’s the least of the problems. If it were just a personality conflict, I could deal with that. My last module, I had a teacher I couldn’t stand, but, he was a great teacher. I just didn’t like his politics (which he had to share with us).

Ah, well. 2 more nights and I’m done. I will probably fail this class and fall off the Dean’s List (yes, I’m on the Dean’s list right now), but if I have to take it again, I’m not taking it from him.


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  1. Lis

    I’m so sorry. Dealing with a pain in the butt teacher is the worst! I hope you pass, it would be a shame to have to retake the class just because this guy is a jerk.


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