She is 17 today

Today, my beautiful baby girl turns 17.  I just can’t wrap my brain around that.

17 years ago, they were putting this little 7 pound 10 oz bundle in my arms and my first words to her were “Hello baby”.  I couldn’t believe how beautiful she was then and she’s not changed a bit.

Samantha is so brave, intelligent, and hardworking.  She knows where she wants to go and she knows how she’s going to get there.  I was not anywhere near that at her age.  She is a defender of the weak.  She is strong.   She knows how to have fun.  She is thrifty and loyal.  She surprises me daily with her maturity and wisdom.  I look forward to the friendship I’ll have with her in the future.  She is someone everyone is going to want to know.


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3 responses to “She is 17 today

  1. Ami

    Happy Birthday to your girl, Kraz baby.

    We all miss talking to you.


  2. Toni

    Libi, I can’t believe how grown she is! She certainly is beautiful and I know you must be very proud of her. I bet she is going to do great things! Tell her happy b’day for us.


  3. Wow. Happy Birthday to her and congratulations to you for raising such a lovely young lady.


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