Sunday is Family Day

We have decided, as a family, to spend Sunday’s together, as much as possible. That includes sitting down to dinner at the table.  (EEK!).  

Tonight, we did just that and what fun we had.  

I think I forgot how much fun my kids were.  My daughter told a story tonight about my son that had us just screaming with laughter.  

Evidently, Patrick had asked her to get him up when she left for school.  Well, she went down to his room at about 6am, to wake him up.  She found him laying on his stomach, with his head up (think of how you see a roasted pig, you know, with the apple in it’s mouth), arms down his side, legs straight out, and he was wearing his roller blades.  His plan had been to stay up all night, because he’s never done this before.  He put the roller blades on in the hopes that if he started to fall asleep, the rolling motion as he fell would wake him up.  Obviously, this plan failed and he fell foward and somehow landed in the “roasted pig” position.

I’d never heard this story before.  I don’t know if this is sad or what.  What else have I missed?

After dinner, we just pushed the dishes aside and played games.  First up was Uno, House Rules.  We taught Eric (Sami’s boyfriend) how to play.  House Rules makes Uno interesting.  You really have to pay attention.

Then the kids taught me a game called BS.  Fun game.  I’m pretty good at BS’ing, I take it.

I just had a great day.

Oh, to top off the week, I was approved for financial aid with a Pell Grant and it’s already come through, paid for my tutition and is going to pay for my books and supplies.

God is Good.



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2 responses to “Sunday is Family Day

  1. Ami

    It sounds like you all had a good time together. I sometimes have to consciously remind myself to appreciate those times instead of taking them for granted.

    Great news on the financial aid! I know you will do well.


  2. Lis

    yeah for financial aid!

    The story about the roller blades is too funny. Too bad she didn’t get a picture.


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