A little set for a little one.

My cousin’s daughter (I give up on figuring out what that makes her to me, I just know that she’s like a neice and I remember when she was born, as I was there!) is due with her first, a little boy, on December 30th.

She was over at the house last Friday (that’s 11/21) and I pulled out this really fun purple yarn I have and asked what she thought.  She loved it.  She approved the pattern.  I then set to knitting.  I knitted the cardigan in 24 hours (not working straight, only about 6 hours total, including time sewing up seams).  I made the mittens next, then the hat.  I took a couple of days to find a pattern for the botties.  There were a few I didn’t like, but I finally settled on this one and I like it.

So, what do you think?  I’ve had several comments as to the color (Purple is a girl’s color!).  I think the buttons make it, personally.  I’ve always seen purple as a unisex color.


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One response to “A little set for a little one.

  1. Toni

    I think it is beautiful! Great job.


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