Help a friend of mine

A friend sent this to me.  I have been very out of the loop lately, but I know Lisa.  Not as well as Brandi does, but I was Cubmaster for her son Cole (who is a sweet boy).  She is a wonderful woman, a wonderful mom and one of those beautiful souls.  If you could follow the directions and vote for her, I’d appreciate it.  Also, if you’d spread the word, that would be great also.

I am sending this literally to everyone in my address book.
This email is from a friend of mine Lisa Leavitt Jensen of Orem, Utah who is fighting terminal brain cancer. Lisa was our neighbor when we lived in Orem & her family was our very first friends in Utah. Her son Cole has been a good friend of Peyton & Gavin all these years.
Her sister has nominated her for a much needed home makeover to remodel their tiny master bedroom and add a wheelchair accessible master bath. It would mean a lot to me if you would consider going thru the steps outlined below and voting 5 stars for her story, and forwarding her story to as many people as you know.
The site doesn’t say how many winners will be chosen, or when, so please send this on as quickly as possible.
Please help my friend Lisa.

As some of you know from checking my CaringBridge website today, my sister Kristi has nominated me for a $50,000 home makeover sponsored by and KSL TV. She put it under Jensen, in case I win, for tax reasons.

As you all also know I live in a small house, 1000 square feet of livable space and as I get sicker (I don’t want to think about that too much) I don’t have the facilities in my house, especially my small bedroom and my one bathroom to accommodate my future needs. Kristi has nominated the makeover to be my bedroom – make it larger – and to put in a second bathroom with a walk in shower that is handicap equipped. I have fallen out of my tub shower several times, grabbing the shower curtain as I fall, and ending up naked on the floor wondering what just happened. Luckily I have never hit my head when I have fallen. I used to fall before I was diagnosed with a brain tumor and now brain cancer but thought nothing of it. Clumsy Lisa but it was probably the tumor.

This is how you can help me: You can vote for me online, only once, to help me have a chance to win this home makeover. I’m getting a VERY late start but it is not an impossible situation with the help of my friends and family. The top ten stories/families that get the most votes will be carefully considered by a committee on who will be the home makeover WINNER. If I can make it to the top ten then I BELIEVE I have a great chance of winning. But I have to get there first. This contest has been going on since May, I think and some people have 700 votes, 500 votes, 200 votes, 50 votes, etc. I think I need over a hundred votes to even be in the top ten.

The website is:
You should see my story close to the top since it was just posted today (8/27) by Kristi. I have 7 votes already! Whooohooo.
This is what you need to do:
REGISTER FIRST. On my story, which is labeled Brain Tumors are Bad News–Jensen Family, or something like that, open it up by choosing “READ MORE”. Read my story and click, “CLICK HERE TO LOGIN”. Then click “JOIN NOW”. The page asks you for your email address, then asks you to create a password, then asks for your first and last name, and zip code. Then “LOGOUT” at the top of the page. Now you are ready to vote. This only takes 2 minutes.
Then you need to go back to:
NOW YOU CAN VOTE. Go back to my story (The Brain Tumors are Bad News) and “read more”. Put in your email address and password that you created and MAKE SURE to put your curser on the 5 STARS before you vote. And please tell all your friends and neighbors and co-workers. I need to get at least over 100 plus votes before this Sunday August 31st. I think Sunday is the last day to vote. I feel like a race horse that’s coming in last but sometimes those darn horses pull themselves together and win the race by a nose! I think I’d like to win by more than a whisker or a nose but I’ll take whatever I can get.
You may want to print this email so it can help you walk through the registering process. However, if you are at all computer literate, you should have no problem.
If I win this home makeover, I will have a big party in our small house/big yard and you all will be invited. If I get over a 100 plus votes and I don’t win, I may have a party anyway!
I love you all. I wish I could spend more time with each and every one of you.
Very Sincerely,


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