What everyone already knew about me.

Your result for The Homicidal Maniac Test…

The Taxi Driver

Your final result? A 64% capacity for violence and a 17% history of it!

Cool on the outside, tense as Kylie Minogue’s buttocks on the inside. You are THE TAXI DRIVER.

What does this mean? You’ve got a HIGH capacity for violence, as well as a LOW history of violence. You’ve never actually BEEN violent, but you’re capable of it.

What could cause this? Do you experience a lot of stress at work, at home, or in your studies? Perhaps you have minor (or major) health issues. Either way, you’re bottling something up (let’s be honest, most of us are), and it’s probably worth doing something about it. Take necessary steps to look after yourself a bit better. Look for ways to counter any stress you MAY be experiencing. This may be as simple as getting more sleep or seeing a massage therapist once a month.

Perhaps you even ARE a Taxi Driver (it’s a very stressful job, after all), but at least you’re not yet facing the fate of Robert De Niro’s character (pictured below). Think about what happened to HIM.


Want to check out all of the possible results? Now you can – there are sixteen in total, including this one.

The Pacifist (LOW capability, LOW history)
The Angry Toddler (LOW capability, MODERATE history)
The Gentle Giant (LOW capability, HIGH history)
The Retired Assassin (LOW capability, VERY HIGH history)
The Bystander (MODERATE capability, LOW history)
The Schoolyard Bully (MODERATE capability, MODERATE history)
Muscle for Hire (MODERATE capability, HIGH history)
The Ex-Con (MODERATE capability, VERY HIGH history)
The Right Hook (HIGH capability, MODERATE history)
The Brawler (HIGH capability, HIGH history)
The Assassin (HIGH capability, VERY HIGH history)
The Ticking Bomb (VERY HIGH capability, LOW history)
The Postal Worker (VERY HIGH capability, MODERATE history)
The Warrior (VERY HIGH capability, HIGH history)
The Apocalypse (VERY HIGH capability, VERY HIGH history)

You’re now one of over 8,500 people to take my oldest test. Why not try a newer one? They’re listed below, from oldest to most recent.
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One response to “What everyone already knew about me.

  1. Ami

    I suppose I won’t be riding with you any time soon, so your test results are some I can live with.



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