You be the judge

So, I need help. I challenged my children to a decorate off. I bought fondant for both of them and told them to decorate cakes and I would judge. But, now I can’t. I like them both!

First entry: Samantha, age 16

I think the bow is lovely, and if you look at this cake from an angle, the way she has those strings woven is incredible.  the border is also creative.

Second entry:  Patrick, age 13

Yes, those are birds, and fish and the border is a huge snake, eating it’s tail.

Leave your opinion in the comments, please.  Winner gets bragging rights…and chocolate.



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14 responses to “You be the judge

  1. Ami

    It would be quite easy to judge in a contest like this one if both participants had been given the same assignment… i.e., ‘make a cake that looks like the earth’.

    But each cake is the absolute winner in its own category.

    What wonderful creativity. And they look delicious, too.

    Will you be my mom?


  2. RedScot

    You’re kidding, right? Those cakes are MARVELLOUS!

    Impossible to choose… sorry.

    You have some very talented kids there!


  3. Autumn Breeze

    They are both great. I will not choose. Sorry


  4. Can’t pick a winner! I know – no help at all…

    I love the delicate feminine nature of the girl’s cake – and the rustic boyish charm of the boy’s cake…

    I declare both winners!


  5. Ummm… girl… I vote for a tie! They are both winners


  6. Meadow

    I agree with Ami, they each win in their own categories. You have mighty talented kids there, wow!


  7. Those are both spectacular! The bow cake is beautiful and looks like something you might buy at a store for a baby shower or similar event.

    The snake and birds and fish cake is just so imaginative! The greenery looks like a jungle landscape… sorry, it’s impossible to pick just one!


  8. There’s major talent in this family! I’m stunned at both of these creations. Love how the first cake has been latticed. Love the snake eating it’s tail.

    How could anyone possibly choose? It’s like comparing apples to oranges?

    Nope. Can’t choose. Give ’em both chocolate! You, however, get the bragging rights for having two such talented kids.


  9. pyewacketsid

    Holy cow. As I looked at the weave job on the first cake, I thought, “this is the winner, no question.”

    Until I scrolled down to the jungle cake.

    They both win. If one single impartial visiting judge can’t favor one over the other, it was clearly meant to be.

    I think the Prize is that your kids are going to open a cake-decorating business together and live happily ever after.


  10. Sorry – no help here – they’re both winners! And I’m a pastry school graduate, so I know how challenging fondant can be – brilliant kids, and amazing they BOTH wanted to play with sugar!


  11. seven

    Yes, both winners, and when do you guys start making wedding cakes?


  12. LC

    Ok, I’ll be the odd one out…and make a choice. The bow cake is great, except that the bow looks flat where it could look more “drapey”. I vote for the jungle cake!


  13. Douglas LeBaron

    It’s a tie. Awesome!


  14. Sarah the Kashmir Knitter

    Incredible kids you’ve got there, Libi! I’m going to have to vote for your son’s jungle cake based on degree of difficulty. But your daughter’s cake is incredible too. I see a bakery in your future!


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