Pinwheel Baby Blanket

Ok, so, my knitting blog is supposed to have knitting content, right?

I actually finished something!  This is a Pinwheel Baby Blanket I made for Jeff and Janice and their newest little one (who is gorgeous! and sweet and lovely and yes, I got to hold her tonight!)

A few notes.  It was made using Caron Simply Soft Brites, size 8 dpns to start, then I switched to my size 8 Harmony’s.  When I do this blanket again, I’m going to change the start.  Instead of the cast on 5 and trying to knit that insane amount around, I’m going to crochet chain 5, slip stitch to form a ring, then using 1 needle, pick up 10 stitches in that chain.  I’ll get the same results, but with a lot less hassle.

I finished up with 510 stitches in the round.  It took me 45 minutes to just bind the thing off!  I made one mistake, but the rest is great.  I’m not telling where it is, you get to find it!

I would make this again.


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2 responses to “Pinwheel Baby Blanket

  1. Georgiann

    That is such a happy blanket! I love this pattern.


  2. Beautiful! I love it and love the colors!


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