What I did last week at my new job.

So, I have a great new job.  I’m doing the bookkeeping for a Vac and Sewing shop (3 of them, actually).  I really like my bosses, they are great guys, honest to the end.  They have one slight problem though.  This is what I walked into.

After a week of work, this is what I have now.

Now I get to do actual bookkeping!


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4 responses to “What I did last week at my new job.

  1. Meadow

    Way to go, it looks great!!

    At the next knit night we’ll have to talk about the job, since I missed out last time :).


  2. Whoa, you’re amazing! Can you come visit and clean up my desk? I’ll bribe you with yarn and cookies!


  3. Nice job! You have amazing organizational skills. Come organize my DH’s desk, I’ll give you yarn and CHOCOLATE! 😉


  4. Charlotte

    Oh my – that’s good going. If I bribe you with yarn, chocolate and a trip to the UK wil you come and od my desk???!!!! Glad to see the new job is going well


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