I hate mother’s day

I really do.  Mother’s day is a holiday for married couples.  If you’re a single mom, you’re screwed.  You get to watch the orgy of husbands urging the kids on to do something for the mom.

Today I went to church.  I don’t know why.  They were giving out flowers, but only to those moms who had children in Sunday school (12 and younger).  Screw all the other mothers and women in the church.  I was told (yes, told!) that if I wanted a flower, I could go down and get one.  I hope and pray the person who said that realizes one day how insensitive that was.  She should have just said “If you want a gift that I was given for no reason at all, then you can walk down there and demand it.  But, you don’t really qualify for it.”

Want to know what my kids did for me today?  Both got up late, whined about going to church, bitched at me because I won’t tell them what my favorite meal is (and then go buy the ingredients for them) and then bitched at me because my feelings got hurt at church.  I’m just that stupid bitch who whines and complains and never says anything right.

I hate mother’s day.



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6 responses to “I hate mother’s day

  1. Probably none of my business but I wish you could attend our church. When we gift Mother’s with flowers; all women, not just Mothers receive one. Our church warmly welcomes all and strives to involve new folks in activities and classes that make them feel welcome.

    Churches are made of people. Please don’t give up. Try others until you find one with people that fit you. If you truely seek, God will find you a church with warm, caring people. He found one for us.

    By the way, we have several single Mothers in our Church

    God Bless you.


  2. Uuuurgh. OK, the bitching is just teenagers being teenagers — they do that sort of thing 365 days a year (at least my sister did). Still. You’re doing an amazing job raising them. And those church people… why don’t they tell the women who want children but can’t have them to get their own stupid flowers while they’re at it? That way, everyone can get hurt and offended! This makes me so angry.

    I really, really hope your day improves and something wonderful happens to make up for the crap.


  3. Meadow

    I’m angry for you, that really sucks!!

    My husband doesn’t do anything to help the kids prepare for mother’s day, so I just take care of it myself. At least I get what I want, right? 😉


  4. Georgeann

    Well, I have a nice husband who helps my multiple generational family prepare for mothers day. I have 2 biological children grown and married, and 7 yr old twin girls. The day was wonderful, but you know, I’m not sure if I’m happy with mothers day either. I think just going to church with your children and celebrate that they exist is enough for a joyous day. So if you did that, just let the other stuff slide. Teen age years are difficult. If you get though those years, especially by yourself, you’ve got alot to celebrate!


  5. Sounds like that rude person needs to be in church sooooo much more that you do. I think that’s what they mean when they say that church is a “hospital for sinners, not a museum for saints”.

    You deserve a bouquet.


  6. Robin

    Libi, I can so sympathize. Mothers’ Days and birthdays both are pretty much a loss for single moms (though let’s be honest, mine were no better when I “was” married). I’ve had this for several years now. Last year, one of the girls remembered it was Mother’s Day about supper time. Mine are much older, so it’s less understandable. But I decided I wasn’t going to have hurt feelings any more several years ago. I remind myself of the nice things they do at other times (and even in their worst years, they did things from time to time). Hey this year, one of mine even took me to dinner for my birthday! That’s a first, and she’s not quite 23, lol.
    The rude people at church, though-I think you need to look around for a kinder group of people.


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