I’m going green….

Ok, to give fair warning, if you are a man/boy, you may want to stop now. Do not read any further. Woman stuff ahead! I’m going to put a nice, big picture up, so you can avoid even looking at what’s coming up…..

I warned you……

Ok, for those who have continued, I have to share. I’ve gone green. I have green periods now. That sounds kinda gross, I know. What I mean is, I’m using the DivaCup now and it’s just wonderful. I’m going to list the reasons why you should look into this.

  1. Savings. There is a one-time cost (around $35.00). That’s it. Nothing else for the next 10 years. Do the math. That’s $3 a year or about 25 cents a period. You just can’t beat that price.
  2. Ease of use. I know it sounds gross at first, but honestly, it’s very easy to use.
  3. No more smell! Every month, I stressed over the smell. No matter what product I used, I could smell it and it wasn’t nice.
  4. Better for your body. Do you know what chemicals they use in those products?
  5. Better for the environment. No more landfill waste.

You’ll notice I’ve avoided certain words. This is not because I’m squeamish, but I’m attempting to avoid the freaks who google for words like that from finding my blog.

Go, check it out. DivaCup is not the only option. There are many. Check out this Forum for lots of information.

If you use a menstrual cup, leave a comment. I’m curious about your experience.



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4 responses to “I’m going green….

  1. Meadow

    I have a Divacup, I’ve had it for 3ish years now, I will never go back to the regular products again! Love it!


  2. I have a Mooncup (same thing but UK name) I do use it and all you said is true! But…..there had to be a ‘but’ it is so messy that I still use other products when I’m out of the house or travelling – perhaps it’s just me but I have yet to find a way to cope with the mess side of it.


  3. libilou


    I’ve not had to really deal with that side yet. My periods are light enough that I only have to change twice a day, so I’m always home. I had thought of carrying a small travel pack of baby wipes with me, just in case.


  4. I’ve always meant to try one, but I can’t use internal products, for lack of a better term. I wonder if those Lunapad thingies are really good, though. Because that might be an option.


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