The Squares have started to roll….

So, I belong to a Square a Month (actually, I do 2 squares a month, but let’s not get technical) Swap over on Crochet Mania and the squares have started to roll in.

First up, we have a square from Mom w/a Motif.  I love this yellow.  I’ve had this square for a bit, but life (and taxes) just got in the way.  This is an awesome Square.  It’s Bobby’s Square, a great companion square to the one I picked, which is 4 Crosses Square.  You’ll see why once I’ve posted that one.  I love Marge!  And the note cards are perfect.  I love pretty little things to write notes on.  Just lovely.

Next up we have a square from Miss Kitty.  Can we say Orange!  Another color I love.  It’s the 4 Crosses Square.  I don’t know if you can see it, but there is a fabulous little stitch marker..a little kitty.  I love stitch markers!

And last, but not least, I got this one in the mail just today!  Another Bobby’s Square from Indigo Skye.  Again in a fabulous Orange!  I love it!

Now I need to finish my square for this month and get it sent off.  That’s my goal for Monday.

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  1. Those are beautiful, and so cheerful!


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