A rant for the day

Warning: Politically incorrect rant ahead. If someone being UnPC bothers you, you may not want to read further…

Ok, I warned you….

There is currently a discussion going on over on Knittyboard that I have very strong feelings about. I can’t really post them there, due to board rules (and I strongly support those rules), but as this is my blog, I can post my very unPC views on the matter.

The original thread started with the poster talking about being subjected to views of the euthanasia room at a kill shelter. She was horrified, and rightly so. This is not the part I have an issue with. The thread moved on to talk about adopting only from so-called “no kill” shelters, about how horrible pet shops were and puppy mills. While I agree that puppy mills are horrendous, the statement “all pet shops buy only from puppy mills and are horrible” I strongly disagree with.

Then they start with the “only adopt from no kill shelters”. Well, I disagree. These supposed shelters are a front for crazy people who have been given entirely too much control. They refuse to “adopt” (read sell) to people they don’t approve of. No kids, home inspections, and worse. And if you do something they don’t like, they get to come and steal the animal back. (yes, steal. That’s what it is called when someone comes into your home and takes something that you’ve purchased without your permission.)

Well, I firmly believe these crazy no kill shelter people are the reason we have so many puppy mills. People want pets, and if they can’t rescue them because of crazy people, they are going to go buy them from someone who will sell them to them. If a pet shop does buy from a puppy mill (and not all do, I’m sorry, but that is the truth), then there you go. A market. These crazy people at the supposed no-kill shelters have created the market that drives puppy mills. I hold them responsible.

I also hold the AKC and the inbreeding of dogs responsible. In the human species it would be called eugenics, but in the dog species, it’s called breeding. Breeding for certain traits (called the standard) is bad for the dog species. Just look at any “pure-breed” and you can see it. They have gene mutations that cause health problems and personality problems. Mutts are, on the whole, a healthier “breed”. Not these “one-off” mutts, usually the result of an accidental breeding of a pure-breed and the neighborhood Romeo, but an honest to goodness mutt. People can’t afford to buy from these breeders because of the outrageous sums they charge for a dog. So, once again, they go to pet shops and some pet shops buy from puppy mills and there you go.

In the human species, this racism and discrimination (you can only have one if you follow our conditions, no kids, no this, no that, must do this, must do that) would not be tolerated. If people are desperate for animals to have rights, then they also have to stop the racism and eugenics that’s taking place. If they don’t want to stop these things, then they need to stop treating animals like they are human and treat them as what they are, property. Property they are selling and making a profit from. If they aren’t making a profit, well, that’s due to poor management on their part. Just don’t feed me the crap about doing it as a rescue. They charge outrageous sums for animals that are not “pedigreed”. Some of these animals they find for free or are given, some they take from the pound.

It’s a dog, people. Stop imbuing it with human rights (it’s not human) and with human traits. When I own a dog, it’s my property. You don’t get to tell me that I can’t have kids or must have so much square footage in my back yard, or I have to be home this many hours. If you don’t want “your” dogs going to the wrong homes, then don’t sell them. But these damn contracts that you make people sign, and these damn rules you impose only do one thing. They make a market for puppy mills. That’s because people who want a dog don’t want to be told what to do by crazy people, they want to OWN a dog, not be OWNED by a crazed lunatic who has no concept of reality.

Ok, I warned you that I was going to rant.

I am an animal lover, by the way. I’ve worked with many different kinds of animals, not just dogs and cats. I treat my animals well. They get food, shelter (inside), love, attention and usually too many treats. They are good companions, (well, the cat is, the dog, not so much sometimes. The rats are great) and that’s the reason they were purchased. I did not buy a dog or a cat or rats to be my babies, they are my pets. I’m going to be brutally honest here. If my house were burning down and I had to choose between my children and my pets, my kids are going to come first. The scary part…I’ve actually met people who would choose the pets first.

Now, be warned. I will delete any of the crazies who leave comments. This is my blog, I get to decide what the content is and comments are part of that content. It’s fine if you disagree with me, but crazies can go sell their insanity elsewhere.


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9 responses to “A rant for the day

  1. I am admittedly a crazy, and a crazy cat lady, but I do agree with you. I think many of these “no-kill” rescue folks are just on a BIG power trip.

    I think kill shelters exist for a purpose. What would happen to pet overpopulation if all shelters were “no-kill”? There aren’t enough foster homes for the ones nobody wants, and how many pets can a person reasonably have and still give the pets everything they need (not to mention keep a clean house)?


  2. We must be fortunate in the town where I live because our “no-kill” shelter is not run by crazies. When I adopted my cat, I had to fill out a form, as did my landlord at the time, but it really was no big deal. I know they have certain adoption restrictions to make sure that the animal being adopted wouldn’t end up back at the shelter because the new owner decided they didn’t want it anymore, or the landlord doesn’t actually allow pets. I live in a college town, filled with fickle young people who decide on a whim to get a dog that they are not in a position to take care of.


  3. libilou

    Beverly, I actually agree with you. Some questions do need to be asked. It makes sense. I just think some of these people have gone completely overboard.


  4. kibsgarden

    I have had issues with our local rescue. We wanted to adopt a two year old boston terrier. We had just lost our male boston terrier due to cancer a few months before. The year before that, we had to put down our female who was 15. We loved these dogs, they were our breed. We could have afforded one from a breeder, but decided to go with a rescue. We contacted them, told them we had a boston mix, and a cat, a few guinea pigs. They said they would send someone out to our house. The lady showed up in a Jaguar, sneered at our two cars, our house, and then looked at our little mix like she was pond scum. She spent 2 minutes at our house and left. Now the house was spotless, I had cleaned for days, but we weren’t good enough for her. I know she was against our two kids who were maybe 10 and 13, but these were kids who had been raised by our first two bostons.


  5. Dot

    Amen, baby! These same people who advocate animal rights (versus animal *welfare* of which I am complete agreement) also think they can come into agriculture to tell us how to breed our animals. And treat them. I’m not saying don’t close down operations like that one SoCal slaughter house that made the news a few months ago, but at least let’s be realistic about it.

    They’ve lost the aggie audience. I’m at least willing to engage in a dialogue with them, many just categorize them as “crazy hippies” and flat out ignore them.

    And another thing… since we’re on a rant here 😉 How many Latinos do you know who get their pets from a shelter? I know of very very few around me. “Their culture is wrong.” I’ve actually heard that from some of the fringe shelter runners.

    Sigh, I may have to stop reading that thread as it’s starting to go in a direction that usually makes me froth at the mouth 😦


  6. I don’t like no kill shelters, because uh…where do all the animals go exactly? There are a lot of animals because people don’t spay and neuter, things happen to the owners etc. Some really aren’t adoptable.

    I didn’t even open that thread, since it seemed like something that we be a big huge can of worms (and how it survived posting, I dunno).

    To go on a related rant, it’s like telling all people that the can’t eat meat at all, ever, even if they are catching it themselves (think historically and native populations). I may be vegetarian and bordering on vegan, but I can’t tell people how they should or should not eat.


  7. Didn’t see anything politically incorrect in this posting!

    Just a strong and valid opinion. Good for you!!


  8. Libi, I don’t share your opinion on a lot of things but I do respect it as being the opinion of someone I greatly admire. I’m sorry if things got out of hand and I hope you’ll come back to knitty soon. I like reading your posts because you are so different from me, you think about things from a perspective that I don’t. I like getting that perspective.

    Come home soon!


  9. Robin

    Here here! I just saw your post (I’d lost the link to this one)… I adore animals, but there is definitely a distinction that needs to be drawn between animal welfare/humane treatment and animal “rights”. I’ve seen an appalling number of these fruitcakes who don’t even blink at children and infants being kept in conditions that would have them foaming at the mouth (intentional choice of words) if it were an animal. If they want to make a difference, they need to be offering free spaying and neutering (around here, the costs are appallingly high, and the only free programs are for “feral cats”).


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