Well, Hello there WordPress

Yes, I’ve gone over to the dark side.  I’ve packed up and moved.  And yes, I took everything with me, even the doors!

I’m going to leave my old blog up.  I’ll even leave note there.  I think I’m going to like this better.



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6 responses to “Well, Hello there WordPress

  1. ladydove

    Welcome to wordpress. I know I like it here!


  2. WordPress is so much better. You will love it!


  3. I use WordPress on my own domain – love it. Good luck in your new “home”!


  4. ami

    Why did you move? What makes it better?

    Are you being paid big bucks for your endorsement of WordPress?


  5. Georgiann

    This is pretty neat and clean for the dark side — I like it a lot.


  6. Ami

    Oh. And thanks a bunch for annihilating my blog from your list.

    Was it the harmless remark I made about your shoes?


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