Easy 2 Needle Baby BootieConstruction Process

Here is some help with the construction of my 2 Needle baby Booties. I will be putting a link to the pattern here soon.  Easy 2 Needle Baby Booties

This first picture is when you finish your regular knitting, before the decrease rows (the last 3 rows). No matter what size you’re making, your piece should look something like this, just smaller and less eyelets.

This photo was taken after the last row was knitted (row 11). You’ll notice I’ve not bound off the stitches, but left them “live”.

Now I’ve cut the yarn, leaving about 12 inches, threaded the yarn onto a yarn needle and slipped the stitches to the yarn needle.

Now I’ve pulled the yarn tight. You’ll see that the sides pull up, naturally, along the line of stockinette stitches. You can now see the beginnings of the bootie.

Now I’ve sewn up the open seam to the top. This is a personal choice. You can stop where the “bound off” stitches begin, leaving the front cuff of the bootie open. This could be helpful in putting on and removing it.

This is the back seam. You take that cast on tail, thread it on a needle and sew this up.


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