A couple FO’s

So, I started these socks at the beginning of December. Normally, it does not take me that long to knit a pair of socks, but on size 0’s, and planning on making a long leg, these just took forever! I even had yarn left over! 10 grams from each ball. What can I do with 20 grams of Alpaca Sox? So, the details. Classic Elite’s Alpaca Sox yarn with size 0 needles. Done toe up, in the 2 circ method. Men’s size 10.5 shoe size. I love knitting with the Alpaca sox. These are unblocked and unwashed, as my son will not take them off!
This is a lovely little project from 101 One Skein Wonders called “Cabled Headband”. Took less than a skein and less than 3 hours! I used Lamb’s Pride worsted weight. The owner loves it.


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2 responses to “A couple FO’s

  1. Paige

    How i 101 One Skein Wonders? I’m going to request it from my library and hope there’s some cute things in there! Your socks look great! Well worth the time!


  2. Batty

    Pretty, cozy socks! And I love the head band. I love 101 One Skein Wonders, it’s one of my favorite books.


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