My "I love Yorkie" Post

This post is in honor of a Knitty friend. She went through something really horrible last week and is in the process of grieving. I keep telling her I love her on the board, but I wanted to say it here too. I don’t know if she reads my blog, probably not, but I thought, anyone else who knows her, post that you love her too on your blog. Let’s not only get the Knitty world loving our Yorkie, lets get the Blogging world too.

I’m not going to link to her blog, because I don’t want any kooks (and you know who you are) going to her blog, finding out what happened and being mean.

Yorkie, just know, I love you, I support you and I’m here for you.

This one’s for you, dear.


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3 responses to “My "I love Yorkie" Post

  1. Llamabean

    What a loving idea. Thank you.
    I will do such today. You have an amazingly thoughtful way of sharing yourself.


  2. Batty

    What a sweet idea! And you were very smart about not linking to her blog. She’s a wonderful person who deserves nothing but our love and support.


  3. Eryn

    Libi, this is a wonderful idea! I love Yorkie too – I’ll go share it with the world.


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