A WIP and an FO

So, first, an FO. This is Le Slouch by Wendy Bernard. Incredibly easy knit. This hat, and a twin, were made in one day each. I gave the twin to my best friend. I do not know the yarn it was knit with, as both skeins came from an SP and did not have a label. If you were the one who gave it to me, please tell me what it is! It’s a one ply, think and thin. I do believe it is either 100% wool or a wool/silk blend. Lovely to work with and I just love the results. I am not going to block this, as I like the rustic look. It stays on my head quite well, but, I can put it far enough back so it doesn’t mess with my bangs. I can wear it with a pony tail or my hair down. Great hat!

Next is a pair of socks for Patrick. Made from Classic Elite’s Alpaca Sox. Great yarn to work with. A little ‘fuzzy’, but so far, I’ve not had it pill. I’m working this on size 0’s, the 2 circular method and I’m knitting both at once. I taught myself how to do this from the internet and just seeing what looked logical. I’m not using any pattern, just using Patrick’s measurements, my hand calculator and making it up as I go. I’ve not decided what type of heel I’m going to do. I just know that a heel flap does not work for me. They are always too big, making the socks slip off. I’m going to avoid SSS by knitting them together, but it sure makes for slow going sometimes. Yes, by the way, those are hangers that I bent into the shape of a foot. 🙂


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  1. Toni

    That is a GORGEOUS hat! I don’t usually wear hats so I’m curious how does it stay on your head so far back?


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