Ladies and Gentlemen, the Clap

Here’s where I am. I started on Saturday, the 13th of October. I’m on the 11th repeat of the straight rows.

The color changes of the yarn are NOT that noticeable in real life. The flash makes it much worse. The yarn I’m using is all hand dyed, and I’m just not that excited to change yarn every 2-4 rows, as suggested by the dyer. I’m actually liking the color blocks, anyway. At least, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

This is a very easy to memorize pattern and fun to do. I’m hoping to be finished by this Saturday. Just depends on when I get to knit. (I have not been working every day since I started. I’ve only got about 10 hours of actual knitting time into it so far.)


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  1. errs

    Thanks for the suggestion on how to fix my Clapotis. I have some left over yarn, so I think I’ll splice that in and weave the long ends in and then cut and drop. I do hope it works. 😀


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