Today, a planet was conquered and claimed!

Today, Patrick and I went to Clark Planetarium. Pretty fun place.

First, they had this audio-kinetic sculpture called Newton’s Dream. Patrick spent more time with that than anywhere else. Totally worth the price of admission. (ha ha, it’s free to get in)

Then he decided to conquer a planet. Mars has been claimed by Patrick. It’s ours now. I think I may rename it. What should I call it?

Then he thought about conquering another planet, called the Apocalyptic Planet, but since everything on the surface dies of intense radiation from a nearby pulsar, he decided to leave.

Lastly, he took a crack at doing a weather forecast. Can I order good weather for the weekend? No? Darn.



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3 responses to “Today, a planet was conquered and claimed!

  1. Batty

    What fun! I love those interactive places. When we went to NC for a wedding, Mr. Batty and I had great fun at the science museum. We had trouble leaving.


  2. Ed

    Looks a lot better than the science museum in either Liverpool or London, I’m so jealous.


  3. maryannlucy

    Looks like you had a great time and free too – wow!


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