On the weight loss front

Ok, so. I hit a plateau with the weight loss. I hung around 206 for so long, I was going to buy curtains!

Here’s what I did. I took a break. I ate whatever I wanted last week. Nice big break.

I gained NOTHING! egads.

Anyway, I’ve restarted this morning. I’ve added exercise into the mix this time. I did 40 minutes on my tortur…erm…exercise ball. I’m drinking only water once again and started up my food diary again.

This time, I’m tracking my measurements too. I’ve heard that sometimes, when you don’t lose weight, you lose inches instead. We’ll see.



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2 responses to “On the weight loss front

  1. Rebel

    I think the most important thing to focus on is how you feel. Do you have more energy? Do you feel stronger? Do you feel healthier? Those are the things that really count.


  2. Eryn

    On inches vs weight – absolutely true! I hit a plateau and was very frustrated until I realized I had gone down a size (while still the same weight).

    And rebel is right (as always :P) go by how you feel! That’s what’s important.


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