Mystery Stole 3/Swan Stole Finished!

It’s done! Finally! After 4 months of fighting with this, putting it in time out, putting me in time out, I finished it.

This is my version of the Mystery Stole 3 aka Swan Stole. I did the symmetrical non-grafted version.

This is how I’m going to wear it. I’ve had the shawl pin forever, not knowing it was for this stole!


Pattern: Swan Lake
Yarn: KnitPicks Shadow in Lost Lake Almost 3 skeins used
Needles: Addi Natural size 3 circular for main panels, Addi Turbo size 2 for the joining panel
Time: 4 months total



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9 responses to “Mystery Stole 3/Swan Stole Finished!

  1. Anonymous

    Shadow In Lost Lake… sounds like a Nancy Drew Title :o)
    I’m loving all these mystery stoles, wish my brain could handle such knitting. I’m just too much of a WEENIE to try intricate lace.


  2. turtlegirl76

    Oooh I love the center panel where they joined. Gorgeous.


  3. Eryn

    Good Job! It is beautiful.


  4. buttercup

    The time outs seemed to work. It’s beautiful!


  5. Holly

    It’s really beautiful, Libi! I hadn’t seen that version – you did a terrific job!


  6. Georgiann



  7. Anonymous

    That’s one beautiful shawl – you’re going to look stunning in it



  8. deirs

    Love that shawl! I think the only way I would finish (ok, ok, start) mine is if I did something like that. Sometimes asymmetry is like nails on a chalkboard for me.


  9. Magatha

    Absolutely Beautiful! Well done!


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