BlogStalking Assignment: Spill your guts.

Your purse guts, that is.

So, here we go.

Yes, this is what my purse looks like. A bit messy, yes, but I know where everything is.

The specifics:

My wallet
pill case (pink box)
phone and earphones (my phone is an MP3 player also)
lip balm
batteries for my camera
various pens
mirror compact
tampons in crocheted case
folded bag (the red square thing unfolds into a grocery bag)
Snarky parking tickets
Spanish vocabulary book (to study in those odd moments)

This is standard in my purse. I change purses frequently, so it never really has a chance to get that cluttered or messy.


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One response to “BlogStalking Assignment: Spill your guts.

  1. ami

    I kept reading the names of the items and looking back at the picture. I think I’ve finally figured out that the thing that looks like a fake plastic hamburger is the compact.

    Am I right?


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