Blogstalking and all that

I rejoined the Blog Stalking ring and yet again missed my deadlines. Ugh!

So, last weeks assignment was to tell or show who I am. I have no pictures, at this time to do this, so you get an essay.

I am:

A Christian. First and foremost. Being a Christian defines who I am, what I do and how I try to live. I don’t always succeed. I try to live by this: “Preach the Gospel everyday, if necessary, use words.” In other words, if someone is not interested in my faith by watching me, nothing that comes out of my mouth will make a difference.

A mother. My job in life, at this time, is to be a mom to my two children. Sami is 15, in public school, and a social butterfly. She is beautiful, smart, loyal and fun. Since putting her in school, we have started to get along better and I am starting to enjoy having a teen daughter. Sami has taken charge of her own education and I’m proud of her. Patrick is 13 and home schooled. He is handsome, with the most gorgeous blue eyes, smart, and a defender. He also enjoys a good joke. We are having fun this year, just he and I schooling. He’s becoming a young man and I am proud of him.

A daughter. Over years, my relationship with my mother has changed, but one thing has never changed. I will always be her daughter. Right now, I am taking care of her, but I still have the greatest respect for her. As I age, I marvel at the courage my mother had in the things she did for us. I don’t know if I’ll ever live up to who she is. She is amazing. Even in her disability, with the incredible pain she suffers from, she shows grace and strength and courage. She still mothers me, when I need it, but is also my best friend. I pray, as the years go on, I can have this same kind of relationship with my daughter.

A friend. I don’t have many close friends, but those that I do have, I am loyal to. I will be the first to wade into battle when a friend is in trouble. You just don’t hurt those I love. I want to take pain away from my friends. I love to do things that make them smile. I really don’t do it for recognition. It’s the way I say I love you to someone.

Other things I am: a knitter, a servant, a baker, a reader and an animal lover.


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  1. Jo

    And what do you like to bake? (I can’t wait for the weather to get cooler so I can comfortably bake again.)


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