A hat for Pat

So, while in chat the other day, a friend was talking about her recovering from Breast Cancer. I asked her if she’d lost her hair and if it had started growing back yet. She said no, and my head’s cold.

So, I knit this hat. This is Foilage from Knitty and was it a lovely knit. Made from Berroco’s Ultimate Alpaca with size 6 dpns. I do not own a size 6 circular in 16 inch length, so I had to adapt the pattern to work on dpns the whole way. Not hard to do at all.

The pattern is VERY well written and easy to follow. I cast this on at about 10am, finished it about 8pm last night. I was not knitting all the time.

I hope she likes it.



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5 responses to “A hat for Pat

  1. Westozcaat

    she will love it- that is so thoughtful and sweet! and its an added bonus to get that ‘glow inside’ feeling when you do something nice for someone else for no reason except that you can.


  2. Ami

    It’s beautiful.
    And you’re so sweet.

    I just got teary-eyed.

    You do have her address, yes?


  3. Zonda

    So pretty! It’ll be well loved! 🙂


  4. kemtee

    Holy cats, Libi! Done with a new Knitty pattern already, and I haven’t even finished printing it out yet!

    Incidentally, I’ll be making one too, and for similar reasons. My best wishes to your friend.


  5. Llamabean

    How could she not! That is beautiful and very thoughtful!
    I will keep good thoughts for your friend.


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