On the Diet Front

I just realized I’ve not posted on how my diet is going. I wouldn’t actually call it a diet. I’m really trying to change my eating habits. I don’t feel hungry, ever. I’m just learning to make better food choices.

I’m still not exercising on a regular basis. And I got back on the Diet Coke. Today is cold turkey day for that. More water!

Anyway, I weighed in this morning.

I’m at 206. That’s 10 pounds loss since July 31st. That’s 19 pounds loss since the first of the year.

I’m VERY happy with myself. I’m proud of myself too. I’ve never stuck with it this long before. Even when offered bad choices, I find myself making better ones.

My sister brought home Krispy Kreme yesterday. I saw the boxes when I got home from church. Normally, in the past, I would have grabbed 4 of them and called that lunch. Instead, I made myself a Lean Cuisine meal, drank water and then allowed myself one for dessert.

I’m not saying no to everything. I still eat chocolate. But it’s a small square of dark chocolate. I had a donut, but it was after a healthy meal, as a treat.

Now, I just need to start moving more.

I’m only 7 pounds from my first goal (199). Everything is fitting better, if not falling off. My “skinny” jeans are out and being used. I’m sleeping better (usually at least 7 hours straight now). Physically, I’m feeling better and that’s enough to keep my going, even when sabotage from the family occurs.

This morning, donuts are still on the table. I had, instead, a 2 egg (egg beaters) omelet with ham and cheese, two slices of whole wheat toast with a bit of butter and cherry butter (yummy and better than jam) and non-fat yogurt. Very full and I don’t want any donuts.

So, for the past 40 days or so, I’ve made a bunch of good choices. I made bad choices in there, but I’m not going to dwell on those. The vast majority have been good and I don’t even have to focus on it now. It’s coming natural to choose fruit over candy, to eat a healthy breakfast, not the sugar cereal.

Now, I need someone to kick me in the butt and get me moving more.

10,000 steps a day. I can do that. Can’t I?



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4 responses to “On the Diet Front

  1. Ami

    GOOD for you! It sounds like you’re approaching it with the right thoughts.

    Lately I’ve been wondering, hey, what if I tell myself that I want to lose one lb a week. Could I do that?


  2. Batty

    None of us is perfect. You’re doing amazingly well, you are losing weight and getting healthier while taking care of growing kids. It can’t be said often enough how incredibly impressive this is.


  3. Jo

    Congratulations – I wish I was there with you!


  4. Disco

    Libi, congrats on losing 19 lbs – that is AWESOME. You are right, it is about making good choices most of the time. We have to allow ourselves some bad choices and not beat ourselves up – your 19lbs result is testament to that. Good luck on your weight loss journey.


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