People don’t knit socks!

Well, I had a fun experience today. Today was Terrific Tuesday for our church. Basically, it’s a day camp, each Tuesday, for K-6. I go as a leader. We were going to a ropes course. I don’t do that kind of thing, as I don’t think they have anyone strong enough to hold me up! Anyway, I took a sock to work on.

I’m knitting away, walking around (using my lovely Monkey bag!) and I can’t tell you how many times someone asked me what I was making.

“A sock” I say. “People knit socks?” “Why?”

One lady kept asking me why, then had the audacity to pull up my pant leg to see what kind of socks I was wearing!

I say to her “Well, I’m not wearing wool socks today, since it’s 100 degrees in the shade!”

Most people were polite, but this same lady just couldn’t get over that I waste my time knitting socks. She kept coming back and asking why.

Her friend came over and in apology said “She’s from Orange County”.

Well, that explains it, I guess. (not sure how, but oh well)

So, I’m done. I’m going back upstairs to knit my sock. Stupid me.



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6 responses to “People don’t knit socks!

  1. QueenMeadow

    Wow, that is sad and very rude! I think I may have poked her in the eye with one of my needles 😉


  2. Michelle

    um, yeah, or I would have given her a swift kick in the face while it was down by my foot! How rude! I mean, she could have simply asked if you were wearing handknit today, rather than pull up your pantleg!


  3. Batty

    Some people don’t get it until they feel what it’s like to be wearing a hand-knit sock, made for them and nobody else. Not that I’d go to the trouble of knitting socks for rude people.

    I admire you for not kicking her in the face. Being mystified is one thing, being rude is quite another.


  4. Ami

    *I* like your attitude.
    I’ve never worn hand-knit socks, but I have some merino hiking socks that I’d marry if I weren’t already married.


  5. Anonymous

    you said “Her friend came over and in apology said “She’s from Orange County”.

    This does not surprise me.

    But there is an Orange county in several different states.



  6. Libi

    I know! I didn’t get the comment at all. I’m not sure why being from Orange County is an excuse for invading someone’s personal space.


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