A wonderful knitting bag

I’m going to blatantly advertise for a friend here. She is a great person. She does great work. She delivers fast and as promised. What more could one ask for from a shop owner?

Her shop is over on Etsy. It’s called Monkey Toes and she sells items related mainly to sock knitting. Knitting bags that you can walk and knit with. Whole projects that include the bag, yarn, pattern and more. Spinning kits. Loads of wonderful things.

I purchased the above bag. It’s called Libby! Made for me, except she didn’t. LOL. I absolutely love it.

Now, dear friends, here’s why I’m doing this. This lovely shop owner is being targeted by a malicious twit. Another shop owner, who’s wares are NOTHING like my friends, is being mean to her. She’s been sending mean convos to her. Well, she’s stepped up her attacks and now had someone buy something, then leave a negative feedback. Feedback is very important. Especially to a small shop owner. If you go read the feedback for my friend, you will see that everyone else thinks she’s wonderful.

I hate mean people.

I think the world should be a fair place. Now, I know, it’s not. But! If we see something that’s not fair, we should step up and try to make it right. If we all did this, the world would be a better place, don’t you think?

So, here’s what I’m going to ask you to do. If you need an item like this, or anything else she has in her shop, then buy it, if you can. If you don’t use anything like this, then copy my post (please download the picture to your own computer first), and put it on your blog.

If my friend gets loads of business, with loads of positive feedback, then this attack will amount to a hill of beans!


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2 responses to “A wonderful knitting bag

  1. dobarah

    I now have my very own bag coming to live at my home…I”m so thrilled! We can make the world a better place one person at a time!


  2. Batty

    I bought one too. They are gorgeous, aren’t they?


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