Clue 2 finished

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100_7374, originally uploaded by Libilou.

Well, as of 15 minutes ago, I finished clue 2. This means I’m right on track for tomorrow’s release of clue 3. This is a lot of fun!

I’m very happy with my results so far. I can see no mistakes, and frankly, I’m the only one that matters where this is concerned! I’ve decided I’m making this stole for me. it’s my fave color (deep green) and I’m loving the design so far.

We still don’t know what the theme is. Any ideas? What do you see?



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2 responses to “Clue 2 finished

  1. Batty

    It’s gorgeous! I can’t wait to start mine (I know, I still haven’t even started!).


  2. Batty

    Oh, and I think I see scales on the left and right! If it’s dragon related in any way, you’ll be so happy you picked that gorgeous green.


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