It’s confirmed!

I am the most boring blogger in the world!

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4 responses to “It’s confirmed!

  1. cpurl17

    No you’re not! You’re a family friendly blog!


  2. Batty

    Many of my favorite movies are rated G. It doesn’t mean they’re boring. It just means nobody stuck in gratuitous nudity or swear words just to get the supposedly more desirable R rating. Apparently, the movie industry thinks that’ll make people want to see the movie.

    So: G doesn’t mean boring. I like your blog just fine without f-bombs.


  3. Ami

    Well, I was going to fill the comment box with swear words just so you could see if you liked it, but then I decided I wouldn’t.

    Mine is rated PG, but if I were rating it, I’d rate it R. I do use profanity. Not a lot, but I do.
    Evidently I’m not using the ‘right’ words.


    I like your blog just fine. The only thing I’d change is to make you post MORE OFTEN.


  4. Ariel

    Your blog is NOT boring! I like it. Check mine out Bible KB and Lu Knits. Plus others, but I won’t list them all. Blogging is addictive. 🙂

    Cya on Knitty.


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