Weekend Knitting

It’s been a busy weekend for me. Knitting-wise, at least. I joined a KAL called Mystery Stole 3. We are given 7 “clues” (parts of the pattern), but have no clue what the pattern is going to look like until we finish. I am half way through the first clue. I’m pretty happy with what I see so far. It’s unblocked, so not very pretty, but I like the contrast of my knitting and the yarn overs.

Sami asked me to make House bookscarves in Griffyndor colors for her and 3 friends. One is already gone, but here are the other 3. These are done in WW and went very quickly.

This is a bookscarf for my SP. So, I guess she’ll know who I am when she opens the package. It’s knit in Size 5 Cotton. Took MUCH longer to knit this one, but I like the look better, personally.



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3 responses to “Weekend Knitting

  1. Batty

    So pretty! I have too many WIPs to join the Mystery Stole KAL, but I’ll be watching other people’s progress like a hawk. Talk about living the dream vicariously!

    I love those book scarves.


  2. Rebel

    those bookmarks are adorable! And the mystery stole looks good so far, I’m excited to see how it turns out. – zuma


  3. Anonymous

    I just noticed a post you made a couple years ago..about prayer and crochetville. I just wanted to mention a forum to you that is happy to have prayer requests, and opening expresses their love for God. http://crochetmania.myfastforum.org/

    Hope to see you there….


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