Look what stress can do

I’ve had to deal with this for the last 2 weeks, plus. I’m using an anti-itch cream (2 kinds, one with hydrocortisone and Gold Bond, which does not have that, but I can’t remember what it does have. I’m also using Miracell to help moisturize the skin. I’m keeping it dry. I do not really “do” dairy. Maybe once a week. Suggestions, anyone? I want this to go away. I feel like a leper everytime someone sees it. And it’s not something I can really hide, as it’s on my right wrist and it’s 90 degrees outside. Not really wanting to wear the long shirts and sweat makes it worse.



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4 responses to “Look what stress can do

  1. QueenMeadow

    Maybe an allergy medicine will help too? I know my son used Zyrtec when his eczema was flaring up and it seemed to help a bit.

    The only other thing I can think of is get allergy testing done to make sure it’s not something else causing it, maybe soap, or lotion or a different food makes it flare?

    *lurker coming out of lurkdom 🙂


  2. Magatha

    Gosh sweetie, if you think it is an allergic reaction then try a Claritin Redi tab. See if it doesn’t kill those hives. It’s only a 24 hour commitment. Then if it doesn’t work, I’d get my butt to a doctor. Nasty and boy do I ever feel for you!
    Sign me,
    the Hives Queen


  3. Batty

    Yes, I have a suggestion. Try Claritin and cortisone ointment, and if it doesn’t go away, go see a doctor. The last time I had a “funny mosquito bite that just won’t go away and has this red circle around it”, it turned out to be Lyme disease.


  4. mf

    also oatmeal bath works great too


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