Work In Progress Wednesday

So, I’ve been asked, what are you knitting. Well, I decided to do a picture post about what I’m working on right now.

First up is “Tie One On” from Knitty. I’m using Knitpicks Essential in Cream and an unknown (because I can’t read any language that uses what appears to be the Cyrillic alphabet.) silk/acrylic blend. I’m liking this one a lot. Duchess seems to like it also.

Next is the Easy Rectangular Shawl from “Victorian Lace Today”. I’m using the Skacel 100% Merino Wool laceweight, double stranded, with size 6 Addi Lace needles. (VERY nice needles).

Next, we have Monkey Socks from Knitty. I’m actually working on both at the same time and they are both at the same point, I just took this pic so you could see a close up.

Here are both of them, with Duchess cheering me on. Do you see what they are being shown on? I made my very own “Sock Blockers” this morning. After I took this pic, I took out a pair of socks that fit me perfect, put them on the hangers and bent and twisted until they were the perfect shape for my feet. I’m pretty proud of myself. Duchess is too, can’t you tell?


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3 responses to “Work In Progress Wednesday

  1. QueenMeadow

    What a great idea for your sock blockers!

    The WIPs look great so far!


  2. Rebel

    I like that rectangular shawl – I drool over that book when I see it. But I don’t think I’d make many of the projects. – zuma


  3. Batty

    Beautiful, both the socks and the shawl. I just bought the book and can’t wait to get started.


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