Westwood Lake

It rained today. A lot! As you can tell. This is the only house the kids remember, and for as long as they can remember, when it rains hard, we get “Westwood Lake”. I’ve played in it (some neighbor has a pic of me down there, shoes off, splashing in the water). The kids have played in it. We all have. One year, it wasn’t raining. A watermain broke (you should hear what that sounds like at 3am) and it flooded clear up to our house. My car was almost flooded (the water was within 1 inch of getting in). The kids LOVE Westwood Lake. I don’t know why. It’s cold. It’s dirty. But they love it.

This is across the street. As you can see, the entire intersection is underwater. About 6 inches worth here.
Yes, fools try to go through every time. The bigger vehicles make it. The little ones? Not so much. We usually end up pushing those out.
You can see the high water mark (the line of leaves). I’ve seen it almost up to their front porch before.


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  1. Ami

    That explains why you’re always wearing highwater pants.
    All this time I thought it was a fashion statement.


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